Welcome to ecgtrade.com, the best way of successful trading study. easy chart guide is a user friendly technical charting platform. This software can help you in nse Indian share market , mcx and ncdx commodity market , future and option and currency market trade. With this, you will know follow the market trend exactly when to Exact Entry buy and when to sell, what should be the target etc.Even the stop loss value can be predicted by using our charts. Risk limited and profit unlimited .

        These are not just accurate, but also very easy to understand. With this, you’ll be able to trade in intraday trading Strategy, short term and long term trading portfolio. The presence of a standard indicator in our software make it customized to your needs with Backfill Data. Software work on previous history forecast Fast decision making Can not Over confidence. book full profit – go with partly profit booking Calculated risk – stuck on rule.

Awesome Features

Simple & Easy UI

User Interface (UI) Design are easy to access, understand, and use.
  • Automated Buy-Sell Signals.
  • Right Time entery
  • Right Time profit booking
  • Stop Loss For Calculated risk
  • Automatic Pop-UP & Sound Alerts
  • Screener to Find Best Opportunity
  • Complete Safe and secure.

Technical Analysis

Technical analysis is the use of past prices and trading volume for forecast future price study
  • Technical Analysis Data of past 15 year
  • Avoid mistakes and save time.
  • Perfect and Accurate
  • Everything automated
  • All Equity(cash / shares market)
  • All stock future-option & commodity

Advantages & Benefits

  • We provide real time data from authorized vendor of stock exchange.
  • Data updates at 1second frequency & Show in 1 minute format.
  • Real time data is very fast and more accurate with tick by tick & EOD.
  • Option chain data analysis with Oi data for option strike price selection and trend analysis

“ We help trader of every type , with our Leadership ”

Mr. Santosh Jadhav

  • Before this he was working with UNICON Securities Pvt. Ltd, and Indiabulls Securities Ltd. as a Branch Manager.
  • Who is brings with him from 2001 in the stock market.
  • including the rich experience of building a retail broking network.

Mr. Mobin Patel

  • Before this he was working with UNICON Securities Pvt. Ltd, and Indiabulls Securities Ltd. as a Relationship Manager.
  • He is working share market form 2003.
  • having good knowledge of technical and fundamental analyst of stock market.

“Our path to success.”

  • Our goal is to help our clients to achieve good returns
  • Our mission is give best service to our valuable client
  • Our vision is update every movement of market

Why you Need Our Study

Are you worried about losses?
Trading is a business Any business needs certain tools and techniques to start with. Much like you approach an engineer when you’re planning to build a house, you need to approach a reliable expert when it comes to trading. So if we do trading by the utilisation of technical software the chances of occuring losses in market is less.

Do your stop loss hit many times?
So to avoid stoploss in market first thing is we must take time to study the market trend in a technical chart in which proper ratio stop loss is given according to the trend of market.The rule of market is that if we put target and stop-loss according to the trend of market we trade successfully without any loss.

Why is it that you have to face losses every time?
Please don’t trade blindly, use the appropriate tools to earn good profits . Stop changing trading strategy every time and stop Over trading.

Does the market go up after you book profit?
You wait so long for losses ,but at the same time you are afraid to wait for big profit and due to which you book small profit ,this happens when we are not having proper chart with us to guide the strength of market.
Why don't you earn profit in market?
Because you rely mostly on intraday trading tips advisory, news rumors, sms, broker or your friends.

Why is that you find it difficult to understand the market and trade correctly?
To understand trade correctly you must know what is the proper trend of market,buying or selling is strong or not ,So if we use proper technical parameter in which we will get everything which is necessary to trade in market will make our work easier.

What Our Client Say

We have 12-year Experience
9300+ Customer.


Rupal Shan (Gujrat)

Demo देखाकर software खरीदा trading के बाद सर ने मुझे समझाया ,future and option trading कैसी करे partly profit booking ★★★★★

Akhilesh Jha (Delhi)

मेरे portfolio में बहुत सारे शेयर हैं ,intraday trade के चक्कर में शेयर को बेच देता था और शेयर नीचे नहीं आता ..★★★★★

Amit Yadav (Rajasthan)

सॉफ्टवेयर में स्केनर की मदद से हम एक समय पर बहुत से स्टॉक पर नजर रख सकते हैं ★★★★★

Radhakrishna Naidu (Kerla)

ट्रेडिंग करते हुए averaging trading करने की आदत थी ,यह सौदा कभी कभी महंगा पड़ जाता और मुझे नुकसान होता★★★★★

Vidya Salve (Mumbai)

मैं housewife हूं ,जैसे अछि न्यूज़ आती वह stock गिरने लग जाता और trade मैं फंस जाती ★★★★★

Shiv Deshmukh(Pune)

मैं ट्रेडिंग तो बहुत समय से कर रहा हूं पर प्रॉफिट बुकिंग का सही समय अभी तक तय नहीं कर पाया थैंक्स ECG Trade ★★★★★

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